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Practical and Helpful Tips: Writers

Promotion Ideas That Can Help Launch Your E-Book

The strength of your marketing plan and the perceived value of your book are said to be the factors that will make your digital self-publishing a success. It is not enough to have a brilliant piece of work and an online retailer and other platforms to make the promotion for you. Realize that new titles and over a million books are being carried by these e-platforms every single day. It is therefore important that you leave your book on these platforms with some input to make it known and thus avoid being lost among those other materials. Putting some effort on your work and spending some cash to promote it is the best for you to go. Things will be easier and cheaper through the power of the internet, and this is a big help for authors who are on a budget.

One way of promoting your e-book is by creating an ascension model, meaning, you make your first book like a teaser to build your rating and popularity, with others pricing their books at very low cost and some at even offering it for free at a limited date. You can also share links to family and friends as to where you are selling your book.

Post positive reviews from your readers recommending to get hold of your book because this is a catalyst to having higher sales, and the more if these readers of yours are linked to several social networks.

Another idea to promote your e-book is to through free promotion, but at the same time be careful on how you present your offer so as not to diminish the perceived value of your book.

Another manner of promoting your e-book is to create coupons that you can arrange to be inserted in magazines and other printed materials, where readers may collect and use in exchange of getting part of your book. This kind of promotion is viewed as quick, does not cost you so much money and easily accessible by your potential buyers of your work.

Social media is a very much part of people’s lives today, and so it is a great idea to connect with bloggers to help you in your e-publishing campaign. Be aware that the same readers who love e-book are the very same people who subscribe to blogs according to observations. Be informed that the blog community is very wide, with thousands of them popular in each country, and they have various topics that you can choose where to insert and plug in your book.

Part of your marketing planyou’re your book to be successful in its launching is to know your readers, which means you design your book to entertain them, to make them buy your book and enjoy its content.

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